A Saint Paul Play – In Three Parts

Looking for a creative Saint Paul activity to mark this Year of Saint Paul?

My good friend and colleague, Jeanette Graham has put together a wonderfully informative and engaging play about the life of Saint Paul in three acts.

This will be a great way to bring Saint Paul “to life” for your class, your RE program, your school, or your parish. Enjoy!

Paul, the Apostle:

A Play in Three Acts to Celebrate the Year of Saint Paul, 2008-2009

by Jeanette Graham, M.A.

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  1. Thank-you so much for making this play available. I split it up into 9 different acts and turned it into a pilgrimage. We had nine different families that particpated in the acting, and over 20 families, 100+ people, traveling through the hills at our local park. We had a guitarist playing music in between each town as we traveled to the next scene. There has now been other groups interested in doing the same thing. Your play has been a blessing to many. Thank-you so much.

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