What's Your Catholic IQ?

January 30, 2009


Since September, 2008, I’ve been writing a column for CATECHIST magazine entitled What’s Your Catholic IQ? It’s been a very enjoyable experience and I’m told it is one of the most popular features in the magazine (it already was before I took over writing the column from Page Zyromski).

These quizzes are a fun way for catechists to wrap your own head around the vast treasury of knowledge that the Catholic faith offers us. Likewise, you can make use of these quizzes in your classes if you work with older children. Here are links to the articles published so far this “year.”

What’s Your Catholic IQ? – September, 2008

What’s Your Catholic IQ? – October, 2008

What’s Your Catholic IQ? – November/December, 2008

What’s Your Catholic IQ? – January, 2009

What’s Your Catholic IQ? – February, 2009

P.S. I came across a parish Website (St. Denis, Hopewell Junction, NY) and saw that on their Religious Education page, they have a link to the very popular 3 Minute Retreat offered by Loyola Press. What a great idea to let parents (and all visitors to the site) know that they can incorporate this brief reflective prayer into their day.

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2 Responses to “What's Your Catholic IQ?”

  1. Maura Sweeney Says:

    May I respectfully note that the answer to # 11 in February’s Catholic IQ is not quite complete? The Regina Coeli traditionally replaces the Angelus during the Easter Season.


  2. Joe Says:

    Maura, respectfully submitted and accepted! Thanks for the corrective. You just helped to improve my Catholic IQ!


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