Alex Trebek (or Art Fleming?) Tonight!

Tonight, we’re doing our Jeopardy-like review to help the kids get ready for their confirmation exam which will take place next week. Of course, for many years, the TV program Jeopardy has been hosted by Alex Trebek, but some of us older catechists :) recall the original host, Art Fleming who hosted the program from 1964 through 1975 and again from 1978-79. Don’t forget that I have links on last Thursday’s post¬†to the 4 rounds of questions that I’ve prepared…help yourself!

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2 Responses to “Alex Trebek (or Art Fleming?) Tonight!”

  1. Christian Says:

    I was the captain of my College Bowl team a long time ago. CBS Radio carried the tournaments; one year the moderator was Art Fleming. Based on that weekend of interacting with The Great One, I’d say that what you saw on Jeopardy was the real guy. It was very…flattering, I suppose, to have him be our moderator that weekend.


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