Picture This!

February 2, 2011

Joys and Frustrations

I don’t post photos of my class here on my blog but my class is pictured in the latest newsletter (pg. 2) of the School of Religion on the Most Holy Redeemer Parish Website. Take a look at the happy faces! Also, take note of the very nice newsletter that the program secretary, Lilian Trasko, puts out (electronically) each month!

February Newsletter

P.S. I’m flattered that they also included one of my articles on the Roman Missal changes!

12 Responses to “Picture This!”

  1. Amazing_Grace Says:

    Congrats on your article on the Roman Missal changes being included on the newsletter!

    You have a fantastic class! :)

    LOVE the newsletter! I have one for my class every month and it is an excellent way to keep in touch with parents and help them be a part of their child’s education.


  2. Cathy Says:

    I just mentioned to my aid yesterday that I’d like to find a prayer to handout to our class for Valentine’s Day! Love the prayer in the Newsletter. Interesting article about the changes of the Roman Missal. Liked your use of analogies. Thanks for sharing, Joe.


  3. elisa anasco Says:

    Joe, Praise God for your articles and newsletter. Sharing your geniusity to all catechist and families is one way of promoting HOLINESS.


  4. Gigi Says:

    What a great idea the newsletter is! Congratulations to both of you –Lilian for the wonderful job she does with the newsletters and you for the inclusion of your article. Keep up the great job! Many blessings!


  5. Joe Says:

    Theresa writes:

    Thank you, Joe, for sharing that newsletter and for all you do for us! God bless you & keep warm & safe!


  6. fran Says:

    Thank you Joe for the article on the changes in the Romal Missal. If you don’t mind, I would like to pass that on to my parents. Helpful analogy is right!


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