It’t Time for the Living Stations Again!

A "cast" from Living Stations of the CrossEach year, during Lent, the parish school of religion puts on 2 Living Stations of the Cross – one by the 4th graders and one by the 8th graders. Since I’m teaching 4th grade this year, it once again means that many of my students will be involved (in fact, my aide’s son will play the role of Jesus!). Our DRE, Arlene, handles all of the preparations and rehearsals and the rehearsals begin this Monday. What that means for me as a catechist is a VERY SMALL CLASS for a couple of weeks while kids are at rehearsals! I’ll probably have 6 or 7 when all is said and done so I’m going to shift gears and come up with some activities that will engage this small group and not have them feel as though they are left out or being “punished” by having to go to class while some of their classmates get to go to rehearsal.

Several years ago, a few DREs were kind enough to share their Living Stations scripts with me to share with you. Here they are beginning with the one Arlene uses:




If you have a script you’d like to share, send it to me attached to an email to Thanks and have a great weekend!

P.S.  Best wishes to all RCIA folks celebrating the Scrutinies beginning this Sunday!

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