Recording of Getting Started – Jr Hi & High School, NOW AVAILABLE!

Here is the recording of the Getting Started as a Catechist Webinar for those teaching Junior High and High School! Have a great weekend!
P.S. when you click on the video, click again where it says “Watch on Youtube” (lower right corner) to find all the segments of the Webinar

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10 Responses to “Recording of Getting Started – Jr Hi & High School, NOW AVAILABLE!”

  1. Daisy Davidow Says:

    Your recording ends at the end of the opening prayer! There is no complete recording of the webinar to hear.


  2. Marty Says:

    Even when clicking on the You Tube link, the flow is difficult, because they are all out of order! I can’t find 3B anywhere. I don’t want to frustrate my catechists when I send this out to them.


  3. Duane & Fran Says:

    We missed the Jr. High Webinar and tried to get it several times after you posted it. However, each time after the introduction and your prayer, the screen jumps to several small boxes not related to your Webinar. Can you please resend the program to us, thank you.
    Duane & Fran


    • Joe Says:

      Hi Duane and Fran, sorry about the mix up. If you go to my home page and click on the Webinars tab, you’ll find the complete webinar for junior high and high school catechists. Good luck!


  4. Diane Says:

    Hi Joe, Are the handouts for the Jr. High and High School webinar still available? I would appreciate a link for my catechist orientation meeting. Thank you


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