Catechists in Action – Dan Ward Segment 7

January 27, 2012

Catechists in Action

In this segment of Catechists in Action, 7th grade catechist Dan Ward runs into a bit of a time snag. Because of the Advent prayer service that took place in church, he has no time to complete the activity he had planned which was a Mass flip-book. Watch as Dan…

  • shows samples of Mass flip-books made by previous classes
  • asks and encourages his students to complete the project on their own
  • explains how they can complete the project on their own
  • talks about how they will use the flip-books to tutor the 2nd grade students preparing for First Communion and perhaps get service hours for Confirmation
  • describes how to fold the flip book
  • assures the young people that he will pray for them to complete the project on their own when one student asks “what if we forget to do it?”

P.S. I’m sorry that some of you are having trouble hearing these videos. So much depends on what kind of computer you have. I hear it best with headphones attached to my lap top and also get it loud and clear through my Droid phone.



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