It’s Not Too Early to Start Thinking LENT!

Believe it or not, LENT is only 4 weeks away! With that in mind, I’m happy to once again provide you with a number of Lenten resources right here on my blog, beginning with the popular 40 Crosses Lenten Calendar idea created by my friend Victor Valdez, a DRE in Mountain View, CA. Thank you, Victor, for sharing this idea with us. With help from some folks here at Loyola Press, we’ve updated the calendar for 2012 and also provide it in Spanish.

In the days and weeks ahead, I will be providing many more Lenten resources, including an updated version of my popular 40 Ideas for 40 Days of Lent. Stay tuned!

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6 Responses to “It’s Not Too Early to Start Thinking LENT!”

  1. Joe Says:

    Elizabeth writes:

    Thank you! I’m so excited to try this idea with my children and the Sunday School children as well.


  2. Anne P Says:

    Hi, Joe
    thanks for all your wonderful work! Just wanted to let you know that many of the 40 Ideas for 40 Days pages from 2009 seem cut off and missing the entire activity. For example, the Examen activity seems to cut off before the entire activity shows.


  3. Joe Says:

    Karen writes:

    This is such a great activity for children to reflect upon daily during their Lenten journey.
    Karen O’Mara


  4. Nancy Says:

    Thank you for providing this activity. I will be handing it out to my fifth grade class.


  5. Lori Says:

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for this resource, I am going to give it to my kids and the ones at our church! Can’t wait for your 40 ideas for 40 days of lent calendar!!


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