What Are YOU Doing to Maintain Your Spiritual Wellness?

In last night’s Webinar on The 7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness (if you missed it, a recording will be available here on my blog within a few days), I began by asking what folks are doing to maintain their spiritual wellness before I added my suggestions. Here’s a sampling of what folks are doing (I love the variety!)  

What are YOU doing to maintain your spiritual wellness?

  • Daily mass
  • Daily prayer
  • active participation in life through social justice in action­
  • ­Daily spiritual reading and reading the Bible­
  • ­I do a daily rosary and have various prayer cards that I do as I fill moved.­
  • ­Doing a prayer journal
  • ­Doing Holy Hour weekly at our Perpetual Adoration Chapel­
  • ­Continual faith formation for learning­
  • ­I pray every morning first thing, to ground myself for the day ahead
  • ­A daily walk to pray and do my examen­
  • ­Pray while I walk every morning
  • ­Exploring various types of prayer – everything from movement to color to Taize­
  • time for reflection and prayer and praying the Liturgy of the Hours
  • ­Taking courses in the Old & New Testaments of the Bible­
  • ­Looking for God in nature­
  • ­Daily prayer either alone or with husband
  • ­Give to others­
  • I found a Spiritual Director­
  • I am consecrating myself to Jesus through Mary.­
  • ­Centering prayer, focus on Blessings­
  • ­Prayer group each week! 
  • ­Weekly and nocturnal adoration and really concentrating on not holding resentment and trusting in God more­
  • ­Visit Blessed Sacrament, pray, keep learning!­
  • ­I subscribe to the Word Among Us and start my day with the reading of the day and prayer­
  • ­Volunteering trying to help others especially social justice­
  • ­I have been listening more carefully to the words of the Canon in the Eucharist
  • ­Begin each day with a 20 minute bike ride and time of prayer
  • ­I used memorized prayer, meditation, scripture, and constant talking to the Holy Spirit
  • ­music­
  • ­3 minute retreats­
  • ­Reading inspiring books­
  • ­Simply being in His wonderful environment, reflecting on its amazing beauty…­
  • meditate­
  • ­Meeting once a week with a group of 4, review Loyola Sunday readings, mass on Wednesday, daily devotions
  • ­talk to God everyday­
  • ­scripture study
  • ­­I am a catechist for my parish. I teach third grade and love being able to spread the word of the lord. ­
  • ­Reading daily scripture­
  • ­Reading the Bible and the Catechism in a year
  • ­I am trying to take a monthly day of recollection and an occasional retreat. ­
  • ­I am currently reading the three books of Joe’s to assist with my faith foundation
  • ­Prayer and patience­
  • ­Daily Mass readings­
  • ­pray divine mercy­
  • ­I say a prayer of thanks everyday for the people in my life
  • ­Daily reading of “Give Us This Day” is one thing­
  • ­prayer , morning meditation using a word to focus on­
  • ­I do small abstract watercolor paintings as meditations­
  • ­reading Jesus of Nazareth as well as adoration­
  • ­Adoration.  Prayer and study.  Pursuing an attitude of lifelong learning
  • ­read alot of Henri Nouwen­
  • ­meditating with the Blessed Sacrament­
  • ­10 minutes of meditation daily, no matter what’s going on in life­
  • ­I try to engage in daily prayer, formal and informal, and recognize God’s presence in our World.  Also, I try to learn something about my faith each day­
  • ­I’m starting an introduction to the spiritual exercise of St. Ignatius and working with called and gifted (charism) small groups
  • ­pray, sacrament of reconciliation, communion­
  • ­I’m working on the spirituality articles in Catechist magazine.­
  • ­praying while I run in the morning­
  • ­I also find it very fulfilling to do special projects for the homeless.  Helps me stay centered on how grateful I should be for all God’s gifts
  • ­Asking colleagues for guidance­
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One Response to “What Are YOU Doing to Maintain Your Spiritual Wellness?”

  1. Louisa Cahan Says:

    Wow! What a wonderful list! I look forward to hearing the recording of your webinar, since I was not able to attend. The only thing I can add to the list is that I have an hour commute each day, and I use it mostly for prayer: intercessions, the Rosary, conversational prayer, and listening to spiritual music.


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