It Is Right and Just: A Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

November 16, 2012

Activities, Lesson Planning

Vintage Thanksgiving Day PostcardHere is a lesson plan for a session that I put together on the theme of thanksgiving titled “It Is Right and Just.” It is packed with ideas so you will probably have to pick and choose how much of it you actually hope to/think you can accomplish in the time you have. This lesson is most appropriate for intermediate and junior high kids but can easily be adapted for younger and older groups. Enjoy!

It is Right and Just – A Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

[photo: Creative Commons License Dave via Compfight]
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5 Responses to “It Is Right and Just: A Thanksgiving Lesson Plan”

  1. grace Says:

    great ideas Joe! love the science experiments the kids will enjoy the visuals.
    The explanation of the Eucharist and meaning of Thanksgiving is a great reinforcement of what the Mass is really about in terms of us giving thanks to God weekly for all the blessings we receive. It dumbfounds me when I hear adults say— I don’t always like going to mass I really do not get anything out of it . I will often reply God gives us blessings everyday Mass is our turn to go and give Him THANKS for all He has done and continues to do for us.


  2. grace Says:

    Hi Joe,
    on sept. 10th you posted a video on helpful tools as a catechist and you also held up a curriculum sheet that you received from your DRE on what information and topics to cover during the year. Could you please share this and make it available for download I just wanted to compare what topics are being covered.
    We receive what chapters to cover from the book that is used.
    Thank you!


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