Lenten Webinar in a Year of Faith: Recording Now Available!

Thanks to the speedy and careful work of my colleagues Nick Yonto and Rosemary Lane, the recording of the LentenWebinar is now available!


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3 Responses to “Lenten Webinar in a Year of Faith: Recording Now Available!”

  1. Irene Montana Says:

    this was very in-sighting for me really made me think about somethings. Thanks for this webanar I forgot about it and I was glad that I could hear it later.


  2. Irene Sutter Says:

    Hi Joe this was an awesome seminar I learned a lot to teach my eighth-graders and I really appreciate you putting it on the web it was just awesome I didn’t get a chance to listen that night I was having trouble with my computer but I did listen to it today and I enjoyed it immensely so thank you so much for all that you do for us catechist and for the Catholic Church God bless you and have a blessed Lent and a blessed Easter


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