Letting Go of Bad Habits During Lent

Liturgical Year - LentDuring my Webinar last evening, I asked participants to share suggestions of bad habits we can let go of during Lent. What a great list of suggestions! What resonates with you? What might you add?

  • Gossiping­
  • Lack of patience­
  • Anger­
  • ­Being judgmental­
  • ­Laziness­
  • ­TV Shows­
  • ­Negative self talk­
  • ­Being opinionated
  • ­Spending too much time on Facebook
  • ­Watching too much TV­
  • ­Spending too much time on the Internet­
  • ­Negative thinking­
  • ­Not praying enough­
  • ­Unkind words to others­
  • ­Social media in excess­
  • ­Worry­
  • ­Waking up too late (laziness)­
  • ­Too much internet / cell phone use­
  • ­Too much technology­
  • ­Pettiness­
  • ­Over eating­
  • ­Neglecting prayer­
  • Complaining­
  • ­Busyness­
  • Watching reality TV
  • ­Being wasteful­
  • ­Worrying­
  • ­Not praying before eating, bed, etc­
  • ­Impatience­
  • Bad habit of lying­
  • ­Our attitudes towards others­
  • Checking e-mail in the morning when I wake up before praying to God and saying thank you!­
  • ­Holding grudges
  • Procrastinating­
  • ­Apathy­
  • ­Resentment­
  • Ignoring the needs of others
  • Being careless with words­
  • Being short-tempered, impatient­
  • ­Thinking that God doesn’t care enough about me­
  • Forgetting to be kind and compassionate with and to others­
  • Sugar sweets­
  • Junk food­
  • Get rid of a long-held grudge­
  • ­Sarcastic remarks; speak respectfully to everyone­
  • Controlling, criticizing­
  • ­Give up desserts­
  • ­Frivolous time on the computer­
  • Video games­
  • ­Using the dishwasher­
  • ­Give up TV & read bible­
  • ­Get rid of the noise­
  • ­Negative attitude­
  • ­Religious cd’s not car radio­
  • ­To get rid of Clutter­
  • ­Excessive shopping­
  • ­Pettiness­
  • ­Putting prayer off later and later in the day until it doesn’t happen­
  • Let go of destructive attitudes toward others and/or their behaviors­
  • ­Criticism­
  • ­Put aside extra time for prayer each day­
  • Oversleeping instead of prayer time­


  • Complaining and finding fault­
  • Give up my computer solitaire habit and say my Liturgy of Hours on time­
  • ­Making prayer a low priority that there is never time to get to­
  • ­Detraction­
  • ­Impatience­
  • ­Let go of anger at family­
  • Being unforgiving­
  • ­Not taking time for others­
  • ­Jealousy­
  • ­Having an opinion on everything, whether asked or not­
  • Sometimes the thought is to give up but perhaps also its about doing more doing more for others, caring, etc­
  • Seeking revenge of those that hurt  your children­
  • ­Give up talk radio­
  • Rushing through the day, not enjoying the time with family­
  • ­Reacting right away, now more pausing during lent­
  • ­Not looking for the good in others­
  • ­Anxiety  - Be not afraid­
  • ­No wasteful spending­
  • ­Over extending myself in things that take me away from more family time­
  • ­Excess noise, turn off radio on drive into work­


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2 Responses to “Letting Go of Bad Habits During Lent”

  1. Monica Says:

    Giving up meat other than on Fridays.


  2. flordelisa o. Says:

    …being sensitive and resentful…impatient and judgemental


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