Home Blessing of Easter Foods

March 30, 2013


For years, my wife and I bless our Easter foods at home: bread which reminds us of the Bread of Life, meats which remind us that Jesus became flesh, dairy foods that remind us of the richness of the Kingdom, herbs and spices that remind us of the flavors of life including bitterness, and wine to symbolize the Holy Spirit!

A blessed Easter to all!


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3 Responses to “Home Blessing of Easter Foods”

  1. Eduardo Calderón Morales Says:

    Bendecir los alimentos, lo hacemos para dar gracias a Dios por tenerlos, pero
    no los había relacionado como nos lo muestran en esta Pascua, COMO SIGNOS VISIBLES DE LA PRESENCIA INVISIBLE DEL AMOR DE DIOS.


  2. Joe Says:

    Tomás writes:

    Sincerest thanks for all your work
    May Easter time be a time to relax for you
    Greetings from Ireland
    Tomás (Hayes)


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