End of the Year Assessment

Writing ExamsThis coming Monday, I will do a formal assessment to see to what extent my 6th graders have grasped the BIG ideas I attempted to teach them this year in religious education!

First, we will do a Jeopardy-like review using a Powerpoint version of the game that I found online a couple of years ago. You can manipulate this according to your own needs, changing categories, questions, and answers and hyperlinking from the “game board” to the slides with those questions and answers! Very cool!

Jeopardy -Like Review for 6th grade – 2013

I will tell the young people to take good notes throughout the game since everything they need to know for the assessment will be covered in the game. Then, I intend to let them use those notes to take the assessment. Here is the assessment and the answer key:

Gr 6 Final Assessment

Gr 6 Final Assessment Answer Key

I look forward to the review game and then to seeing how well the students do on the assessment!

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  1. I know this is a little off path here but you were talking about your year-end assessment for “6th” grade. I have followed you for many years now and was wondering if you will ever go back to the lower grades. I really enjoyed the year you taught 4th grade because that was the grade I was teaching at the time. As always your ideas and presentation of the materials were great. I learned so much from you that year. So again any chance you might lower your grade choice and give us elementary catechists some more of your wisdom?

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