Music for Confirmation

Confirmed in the SpiritRecently, my colleague and friend, Annie Lauer, asked me about music resources for Confirmation that might be used with the Confirmed in the Spirit Confirmation¬†program. I wasn’t much help to her, but as a result of her own perseverance, she found a CD by David Haas titled With You By My Side (Volume II) with songs that focus on the Holy Spirit and Confirmation.

What other music resources would you recommend for use in a Confirmation program?

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7 Responses to “Music for Confirmation”

  1. Joan Says:

    A wonderful song to use would be “Holy Spirit” by Ken Canedo which can be found in “Spirit and Song” published by OCP. It can also be found in “Breaking Bread 2013.”


  2. Deborah Says:

    Or, what about music to play in the background during a prayer workshop?


    • Joe Says:

      Deborah, here’s an instrumental piece that I like to play in the background (Pachelbel’s Canon)…it is quiet and relaxing and, at 21 mins long, usually extends the duration of a prayer or guided reflection.


      • Deborah Says:

        Thank you, Joe! I think I have several cassettes (I know, I know) which include that piece.


  3. Julie Says:

    For Confirmation Preparation, I always use Send us your Spirit,Gather 470 The traditional Come Holy Ghost should be taught and I look in the Hymnal for the other ones that have tunes they know like: Taize Vene Sancte Spiritu For meditation …. They can repeat the phrase like a mantra. Gather 466 Send down the Fire. I hope these help. I am a cantor so I would teach them the refrain or at least one verse and then check with the musicians as to what they are going to do at the Confirmation Liturgy so that they would learn the music in class. Blessings. Julie


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