A Father’s Day Message

I’m not one to claim mystical experiences of hearing God talking to me (as in actually hearing a voice and spoken words) however, I have had a couple of moments in life when I felt that God tossed a few syllables my way.

father-day-iconOne such occasion occurred some years ago on Father’s Day. Now, let’s be honest, Father’s Day pales in comparison to Mother’s Day (a cookout and a new tie often are considered sufficient for keeping Dad happy). I recall a Father’s Day when my kids were in the heart of their teen years – a time when they are not prone to wild expressions of affection for either parent. We got the kids up to go to church (another thing that most teens are not overly-thrilled with) and then came home for the perfunctory cookout. I proceeded to fire up the grill while both kids went to their rooms to play video games or surf the Internet. When the food was ready, they emerged from their rooms and we sat out back enjoying some burgers and dogs with a smattering of conversation. Next, I opened a couple of cards and gifts and tried to show the appropriate amount of gushing in appreciation. When all was said and done (probably about 2 pm), my daughter asked, “So, are we, like, finished?” I confirmed that the festivities were now complete and both kids went off to spend the day with their friends.

As I was putting away my new tie and other gifts, I thought to myself, “Boy, Dads just don’t get the appreciation they deserve.” I then heard a voice in my head respond, “Tell me about it.”

So, as I said, I haven’t had enough mystical experiences in my life to write a book about and the ones I have had are less than dramatic. But God’s point is well taken…we certainly do not show the kind of appreciation for our heavenly Father that we ought!

So, on this Father’s Day, let us give thanks for our Dads, Grandfathers, Godfathers, and all men who were like Dads for us and most of all, let us give thanks to God, our Father, for, to do so, is right and just!

Happy Father’s Day!

P.S. I was thrilled to see my book, 7 Keys for Spiritual Wellness included in a list of 7 Books for Catholic Dads featured on CatholicMom.com! 

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