Credit for Viewing Recorded Webinars

As you know, all of my Webinars are recorded and archived here on my blog for easy access (see the Webinars tab at the top of this home page). Many catechists are able to apply the time spent participating in these Webinars toward their catechist certification. We, at Loyola Press, however, are unable to provide certificates for viewing recordings of Webinars. With that in mind, however, I have developed a form that dioceses might use so that catechists can view a recorded Webinar and then answer a few questions to demonstrate that they actually have completed the Webinar. This, then, can be submitted for credit toward catechist certification.

Take a look at the following form and let me know your thoughts and suggestions. If you like it as is and want to use in your diocese, go right ahead. If you have changes or additions to suggest, let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.


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11 Responses to “Credit for Viewing Recorded Webinars”

  1. Patricia L. Lang Says:

    I am just a volunteer catechist for 2nd grade Sacramental Religious Ed and so far have not had in trouble getting the webinar classes accepted for my re-certification in the Los Angeles, CA diocese. But the form mught be a good idea to have on hand to fill at the time of taking the class and keeping in my file for “re-certification”.

    I learn so much from all the Webinars, enjoy the calm, quiet manner that they are presented in; for us. After 30+ years, just keep learning better ways of sharing my faith with my students and others. Thank you so very much. pl



    Hi Joe,

    I really like the form. I attend MANY webinars and print handouts, etc. from them. I keep a running data set that I use for use toward my re-Certification every five years. I see this as a really good method of calling to mind the key points of what was viewed rather than just a title, who sponsored it, the presenter, date & time as I have been doing. I really wanted to get at that title and make it larger and bolder though and I love adding graphics…but that’s just me. Thank you so much for providing this. I know many catechists/DREs who will put this to good use (including myself). Thanks again. Linda


  3. Kim Swaner Says:

    Amen to that! Keep it up, Patricia! And Joe, the form is a wonderful idea! Thank you for all the care you put into helping the teaching ministry throughout the Church.


  4. Joe Says:

    Bev writes:

    Joe, I like it. Will see if it suits my DRE. I am currently working on the Diocese of Rochester certification program – just for my own info. It helps supplement what I am studying for the Diocese of Phoenix. But the Webinars would give me a third source. Thank you. Bev


  5. Joe Says:

    Betty writes:

    Thank you Joe,

    Your format should work fine. It’s all on one page with brief responses to specific questions.

    God bless you for all your practical work for Catechists. Betty Jans


  6. Joe Says:

    Maria writes:

    This is great!

    Thank you! It looks good to me.

    Maria E. Morales, CRE
    St. Gerard


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