3-Minute Retreat: We Are on a Mission

September 1, 2013

Prayer/Guided Reflections

As we start the month of September and look forward to Catechetical Sunday and a new year of faith formation, I’ll be sharing my reflections on several 3-Minute Retreats the next few weeks. Please add your own reflections on this retreat in the comments.

Now before another busy week begins, take a quiet moment to pray for your ministry and for your fellow catechists.

3- Minute Retreat 09-02-13

Relationships have a way of changing us. Perhaps that’s why we often are cautious about entering into a relationship: we’re not sure what kind of an impact it will have on our lives. Sometimes, entering into a relationship can be life-changing. Some of the relationships I have made in my life have had an enormous impact on my personal life as well as my professional life. That was certainly the case with the apostles when they entered into a relationship with Jesus—their lives were forever changed. He offers the same invitation to you and me. Are you ready for a change?

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2 Responses to “3-Minute Retreat: We Are on a Mission”

  1. Frances Says:

    Loved this quick moment to refocus and prioritize. Please keep them coming!


  2. Kathy Thomas Says:

    Three minute retreats are a wonderful way to pause in the midst of a day’s activities and focus on the Lord. Timely topic for me, too. I just had a heart-to-heart talk with a priest-friend about this. Thanks you.


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