VIRTUAL Pilgrimage to Italy, Day 2: Rome


I can tell that some of you are dealing either with jet lag from the long flight yesterday or with a hangover from too much vino last night! Rise and shine! Today, as we continue our VIRTUAL pilgrimage to Italy, we arrive in Rome where we tour her sites, including the following for which I have provided brief video clips:

The Roman Fora (3:20)


The Coliseum (3:30)


The Arch of Constantine (3:19)


The Catacombs (3:50)

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It’ll be a busy day! To top it all off, I have to fly back home tonight to teach my 6th grade religious education class and then fly back here to rejoin you for Wednesday’s adventures!

The early Christians showed great bravery by venturing with the Gospel to foreign lands and, in particular, the center of the Roman Empire: Rome. Today’s new “great meeting place” is social media. How can you bring the Gospel into this modern day “forum?”

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  1. What a beautiful and meaningful tour. I felt as if I was there with all of you! I can’t believe that you had to fly back to teach- really! Sister Presentia

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