Your Next FREE PowerPoint: All Saints and All Souls Day! (Also Available in Spanish)

Continuing my monthly giveaway of free PowerPoint presentations, I am happy to offer you a presentation for All Saints and All Souls Day!

As with the previous Pall saints all soulsowerPoint on the Month of the Holy Rosary, this presentation includes a script (in Note Pages view) to assist you in effectively leading your students to a deeper understanding of these feasts. To download the All Saints and All Souls PowerPoint from authorSTREAM, click on the link above or the image to the left. I look forward to your feedback!

When you download it from authorSTREAM, you can sign in with your Facebook account or, if you don’t have a FB account, you can sign up for authorSTREAM (which would be a good idea since I’ll be sending you more free PPTs as the year progresses!).

(Spanish version also available here!)


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9 Responses to “Your Next FREE PowerPoint: All Saints and All Souls Day! (Also Available in Spanish)”

  1. Jo Says:

    Thank you for the beautiful ppt on All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days. I love this time of year and the Liturgical calendar too.

    You are a treasure to catechists. Thank you for your insights.


  2. Brenda Lee Says:

    Joe, if you could also make available in PDF, I can save it to my iBooks . I would greatly appreciate this.

    These presentations are wonderful. I have been sharing them with fellow Catechists.


    • Joe Says:

      Brenda, I can do that but tell me if you want the PDF to be of the slide presentation (slides only) or of the Notes View (which includes the slides and the script).


      • Brenda Lee Says:

        Yes I need both the slides and the notes,,,,maybe this pdf thing could be added to the choices to download. The other ways do not seem to work for me.

        God bless your son and his new bride.


  3. Debbie Says:

    I can’t download this power point. Can you tell me how to get it? I created a user account through Author stream but it won’t download…


  4. Barb Zipperer Says:

    Thanks for the Power point! This one saves me some work! Keep them coming!


  5. Sherry Godoy Says:

    I am going to use this presentation in my 5th-6th grade class tomorrow but will have to do it without the script. I cannot get the notes view on my PowerPoint viewer. Can you make the script available as a printable on future PowerPoint presentations? I love the presentation but I am sure the script would make it even better.


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