Webinar Recording Now Available: Under the Influence of Jesus

Thanks to the speedy work of my colleagues Nick Yonto and Rosemary Lane, the recording of my Under the Influence of Jesus Webinar is now available!

If you missed the live event, want to share it with a friend, or want to experience it again(!), just click here or below. Also, here is a form you can use to record your participating in an archived Webinar: CATECHIST’S SUMMARY OF PARTICIPATION IN A RECORDED-ARCHIVED WEBINAR

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5 Responses to “Webinar Recording Now Available: Under the Influence of Jesus”

  1. Jennifer Zoeller Says:

    Awesome talk ! I am totally drunk in the Holy Spirit ! On fire with our Lord , I sometimes feel no other human understands my feeling till I heard your webinar . Thank you ! God bless you & all His listeners here & above !


  2. Michael Su Says:

    I am so glad i chose to attend this webinar, i badly wanted a recording to refresh my mind now and then and to recommend to friends. I have no proper words to show my appreciation. It rings in head at the right situation when the other day i had to wait on a sales person for their service and they are indifferent. i think more and more practical teaching like this will help masses to grow in Christ. Thanks so much. Thanks a lot. God Bless


  3. Patti Says:

    Joe, do you still have the sheet that you posted prior to the webinar that was a bit of a fill in the blank for the session? I would like to use this with my students and the form would work perfectly. Looking forward to more from you and Loyola!


    • Joe Says:

      Thanks Patti, I’ll go back and see if I can find that…it’s not ringing a bell right now but it’s probably lurking in my files somewhere!


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