Jumpstart Your Year: Catechist Resources at Your Fingertips!

As we approach the start of a new catechetical year, I thought it would be helpful to pull together a number of resources I’ve made available on my blog and provide them in one place for your “one-stop shopping!” Just follow the links below to a number of resources that will assist you in getting started on the right foot!

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2 Responses to “Jumpstart Your Year: Catechist Resources at Your Fingertips!”

  1. Maureen Rotramel Says:

    Thanks for putting this all together in one place – especially the You tube videos. What a great resource as we start a new year in catechetics! (And being from Milwaukee, it was nice to see so many videos from our Archdiocese – in case you didn’t know, they have just launched a new series, Catholic ID)


    • Joe Says:

      Thanks Maureen. I really like the videos that Milwaukee has been sharing: very inviting and informative while respecting the intelligence of the viewer (i.e. the bishop doesn’t try to act cool/hip…he’s just himself).


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