Purchasing Objects for Your Prayer Table

Whether you are doing child catechesis or adult catechesis, it is crucial to establish a climate of prayer and one of the most effective ways of doing this is by setting up a prayer table. People ask me where they can get the objects they need for a prayer table and I thought I had posted on that sometime ago but I guess I was dreaming! So here are some suggestions for purchasing objects for your prayer table without breaking the bank. (Check first with your catechetical leader; he or she may have some of these materials or can find them locally cheaper). By all means, shop around for best prices! If you have recommendations of your own, please DO send them along with a link (use the Leave a Reply box below!) so that we can share.


Small crucifixOlive Wood Standing Cross With Crucifix.(5"H)




bibleBible for Enthronement (there are cheaper Bibles but this is nice for display – enthronement)



Collapsable Rosewood Prayer Book Bible Stand Church and Chapel SuppliesBible stand



Creative 13"x 36" Classic Solid Table Top Runner - Greenprayer cloths (I recommend green, purple, and white)




Flameless pillar candle


PPyrex Storage 2-Cup Round Dish, Clear with Blue Lidyrex bowl with tight seal lid for holy water



Sterilite 16428012 6-qt Storage Box/white LidLightweight 15 quart storage container

(in which you can store all of the above!)



All of the above would cost a total of less than $75 which is not a bad investment (or act of stewardship) if you plan to serve as a catechist for a while. Again, check with your catechetical leader: he or she may reimburse you. Of course, if you purchase them yourself, you can use these objects to arrange a prayer table in your home when they’re not needed for catechesis!



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  1. In addition to the items Joe mentioned, we also used a coffee can usually decorated for the liturgical season (last year we started with “Open the Door of Faith” theme) and matching prayer slips – the students wrote their intentions/prayer requests on the slips and put them in the can (we called it our “God Can”) before we started the all-class Prayer Service.

  2. Joe, you mentioned (in a session I attended) a gospel bookmark with the responses for readers (e.g. “The word of the Lord,” etc.). Where did you find this? I haven’t had any luck. By the way, I tried your procession idea this week. It was a huge success. Thanks, Ned.

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