Introducing Catholics to the Bible: Free Parent-Child Session

Introducing Catholics to the Bible - Free Parent-Child Session

Host a hands-on, engaging session to introduce children (fifth grade or higher) and their parents to how the Bible is arranged. The Bible is like a library—God’s Library—made up of 73 books, and the best way to get to know the layout of the Bible is to break it down into smaller pieces, eight sections that make up the whole.

This month’s free download gives you instructions for hosting a 90-minute session in your parish or school. The Bible introduction packet also includes a handout on “10 Ways to Make the Bible a Part of Your Everyday Life,” an experience of lectio divina you may wish to use to conclude the parent-child session, and Bible bookmarks from my popular The Bible Blueprint.

Catholics are encouraged to read the Bible and to use all available resources to understand what they are reading. Scripture is the Word of God expressed in human words; God inspired human authors who used their talents and abilities to express his message. God was acting through these human authors, and they used the language, cultural ideas, and literary forms with which they were familiar. Therefore, we do not read the Bible literally. To understand the Word of God as written by human authors, we need to understand the historical and cultural situation in which these authors wrote. We also need the Spirit of God—present in believers and especially in the Magisterium—to interpret the Scriptures. Because the writings are inspired, the Spirit of God complements our interpretation and leads us to understand the Word of God. We hope this parent-child session inspires those you serve, on their way to better understanding the Word of God.

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