A Prayer for Play

It’s important for those involved in catechetical ministries to take time for self-care, and that includes time for fun! Today we ask for eyes and hearts open to see whimsy and to take part in play. This prayer was written by Vinita Hampton Wright, writer and editor, who also provides the voice for the video version that follows.

Prayer for Play

God who made each and every living being,
I know there’s a fun and whimsical aspect to you
because there is no complete logical explanation for the way kittens play,
and children say the most accurate, embarrassing things sometimes.

I know that you designed us to run until we’re giddy and breathless,
to converse in ways that, in mere moments, can dissolve an entire group of people into uncontrollable laughter.
You built within our minds a fascination for solving riddles and working puzzles.
You gave us the ability to skip or to roll down a hill,
neither of which would have helped the species survive in the wild.
Surely you had fun in mind and nothing else.

Open my eyes and heart, Lord,
to see the whimsy, to take part in the play,
To enjoy my life
and to laugh often.

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