Lenten Actions Cards

Lenten Actions Cards

Encourage families to take practical steps toward practicing the traditional Lenten pillars of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

Print out our Lenten Actions Cards and give sets to the families you serve. Instruct parents to cut out the cards, fold them in half, and place them in a jar or small box. Place the jar or other container in a central location in the home, perhaps on the dining room table or the counter next to the fridge. Invite each family member to draw out a paper and focus on its Lenten living suggestion that day or week. Make this a regular activity during Lent. Alternately, one person could draw out an activity card that everyone in the family will use to inform their actions that day.

You might also use the cards with your catechists at the start of Lent, or select some of the action cards to use with your class, grab-bag style.

With ideas for practicing the traditional pathways of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, your parish’s families can take simple steps to a meaningful Lent.

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