File Away for Next Lent: Neighborhood Way of the Cross


I would have shared this with you earlier, but I didn’t hear about it until Lent was over! So, file this one away for next Lent.

I recently heard about a parish that did the Stations of the Cross during Lent through their neighborhood, arranging to stop at 14 pre-selected homes where each Station was prayed. I think this is a wonderful idea and a way to get families involved in a traditional Lenten practice. I can envision the following:

  • a large, lightweight wooden cross to be carried throughout, beginning with the priest, deacon, or other designated leader of the prayer and then continuing with a representative of each of the 14 homes carrying the cross to the next destination.
  • a leader of song (with proper portable PA system) to lead refrains of “Were You There?,” “Stabat Mater,” “Jesus Remember Me,” and/or other refrains as the crowd proceeds from one home to another.
  • a large poster of each Station to be displayed at each house. I would use ones at least 24” x 36”.
  • at each home, the cross would be accepted by someone from the family/household and held on the front steps/porch/lawn/stoop. Another family member would hold up the poster as the prayers are prayed.
  • a moment of silence at each Station.
  • perhaps the Stations would begin and end at the church, thus decreasing the number of families/households needed to be arranged ahead of time to 12 instead of 14.

What else can you envision happening in such an approach to the Stations of the Cross?

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