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Using YouTube Videos to Lead Song

June 3, 2014

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One of the techniques that I’ve used with young people to lead them in song, either in a catechetical setting or at a liturgy, is to project a YouTube video with the music and lyrics provided. This works especially well because young people are very visual and are more comfortable with this than with a […]

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Music Touches the Heart – Especially of Young People

February 5, 2014


Last night, music took center stage in my session as we we explored the Psalms! We focused especially on the myriad of feelings that are expressed in the Psalms and used contemporary music to capture some of those same feelings. Our emphasis was on the notion that we can talk to God under ANY circumstances […]

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Music for Confirmation

May 6, 2013


Confirmed in the Spirit

Recently, my colleague and friend, Annie Lauer, asked me about music resources for Confirmation that might be used with the Confirmed in the Spirit Confirmation program. I wasn’t much help to her, but as a result of her own perseverance, she found a CD by David Haas titled With You By My Side (Volume II) with […]

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Nice Blog Post: “The Choir Director as Catechist”

April 10, 2013


Andrew R. Motyka

I am a big believer in the role that sacred music plays in catechesis, so I was delighted to see this blog post from Andrew Motyka, the Archdiocesan Director of Liturgical Music and Cathedral Music for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis: The Choir Director as Catechist

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The Latest from the Dogma Dogs

August 9, 2011


Here’s a little something from the Dogma Dogs which provides songs of Catholicism for kids. Whattaya think? I have their CD but have never used it in class yet.

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Building Your Library of Sacred Hymns

September 22, 2010


From time to time, you may notice that I mention playing a recording of a Church hymn. Over the years, I have built my own little library of CDs (now, of course, we can do so on our IPods, etc.) of sacred hymns to use both for my own enjoyment/inspiration and for use in catechetical […]

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Webinar Follow-up: Questions About Using Contemporary Music

August 21, 2009



During the Webinars on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, I received MANY questions about using contemporary music in a catechetical setting as a way to engage a young audience. Allow me to address some thoughts about that here (and as always, I invite you to weigh in as well). For young people, contemporary music is a […]

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40 Ideas for 40 Days – Lenten Activities: What Lenten Hymns Teach

March 18, 2009


Today’s Lenten activity  is an opportunity for catechists to reach those young people who are more musically inclined. You may recall that a little while back, I suggested an activity for those more artistically inclined and made mention of multiple intelligences, one of which is “music smart.” Today’s activity can tap into the musical/rhythmic intelligence […]

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Music Speaks to Confirmation Kids

January 13, 2009


Last evening was our Confirmation intensive during which we presented the Seven Deadly Sins, the Seven Virtues, and the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit using contemporary pop music (see my post from January 8 that provides a complete chart of songs used). It went very well and was a lot of fun! Here’s the […]

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Name That Song (aka Name That Sin/Virtue/Gift)

January 8, 2009


OK, here’s the scoop for this coming Monday’s Confirmation intensive. Now, before I share this, I want to make a disclaimer that I may have made before but bears repeating. The activity I’m about to describe to you took many hours – several days, actually – to plan. I want to make it clear that the […]

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