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Let’s Help a Colleague: Project Based Learning for Confirmation Prep

May 30, 2013


 I received the following email from Tom, telling me about his idea of doing a “project-based” approach to Confirmation preparation. Here’s how he describes it:     Hi Joe, It was great to meet you in Winnipeg last month; your visit got me thinking about our parish’s catechetical confirmation prep. The candidates are in Gr. […]

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Music for Confirmation

May 6, 2013


Confirmed in the Spirit

Recently, my colleague and friend, Annie Lauer, asked me about music resources for Confirmation that might be used with the Confirmed in the Spirit Confirmation program. I wasn’t much help to her, but as a result of her own perseverance, she found a CD by David Haas titled With You By My Side (Volume II) with […]

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Wish I Had This DVD When I Was Teaching Confirmation

January 2, 2013


Confirmed in the Spirit DVD

Here’s info about a new Confirmation DVD that I wish I had when I was teaching Confirmation a few years back! The DVD is Called and Confirmed and is part of the revised Confirmed in the Spirit Confirmation program by Loyola Press. The DVD has 3 parts, the 2nd of which I am particularly fond […]

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What Age to Confirm?

May 18, 2011


I was quoted in an article in the current issue of the National Catholic Reporter, talking about the issue of what age to confirm. What are your thoughts about this issue? (pictured: Bishop Samuel Aquila of Fargo, N.D., and Fr. Luke Meyer, chancellor, talk with children at St. John Catholic Church in Wahpeton prior to […]

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Confirmation Survey – Let Your Voice Be Heard

October 26, 2010


How’s the Confirmation prep program at your school or parish? What do you love about the program? What would you change? Now’s your chance to share your expert opinion with someone who will listen! You are invited to share your opinion about Confirmation formation in a survey from Let your voice be heard today […]

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Ten Commandments – Two-Minute Drills

March 15, 2010



I’m pretty excited about this one! I want to do something to reinforce the Ten Commandments as we move in to this last unit on Morality. I also want to place more responsibility on the kids now that they are confirmed, so that they sense a difference between how I taught them before Confirmation and […]

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Post-Confirmation Reflection

March 8, 2010



Congratulations to all of the 8th graders who were Confirmed yesterday, including my class of 10 students! I pray that they will feel the abundant graces of the Holy Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit, flowing in and through them all the days of their lives! As promised, I put together a guided reflection […]

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Confirmation This Sunday – Hope They Come Back Monday!

March 5, 2010



This Sunday, my 8th graders will celebrate their Confirmation! I look forward to the opportunity to participate in this wonderful celebration and to witness the completion of their Christian Initiation, knowing that I had a hand in bringing them to this day. Thank you Jesus! On this coming Monday evening, we cross our fingers and […]

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Confirmation Exam Results

February 11, 2010



I finally got a chance to correct the Confirmation exams that my students took on Monday evening and I was generally pleased. They all passed! 4 students earned scores of 100+ (extra credit section on the Nicene Creed allows them to score over 100 pts) 3 were in the 80s and 90s 2 were in […]

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Alex Trebek (or Art Fleming?) Tonight!

February 1, 2010


Tonight, we’re doing our Jeopardy-like review to help the kids get ready for their confirmation exam which will take place next week. Of course, for many years, the TV program Jeopardy has been hosted by Alex Trebek, but some of us older catechists recall the original host, Art Fleming who hosted the program from 1964 […]

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