From the Mouths of “Babes”

The following is from 5th grade catechist, Bob, from Lemont, IL. Enjoy! During class last evening, we were gathered around our prayer table practicing our required prayers for 5th grade.  I asked the class what other prayer they would like to practice that we have not done as a class yet.  One of the students […]

How Old Do They Think I Am?

During last week’s class, as the kids were playing with the Play-Doh I had set out for them, I commented that, when I was a kid, I loved playing with Play-Doh. One of the boys asked, most sincerely without being a smart-aleck, “They had Play-Doh back then?” Ugh! 

Testing the 4th Grade Waters

As part of my lesson this past Monday, I wanted to emphasize how human beings are the greatest part of God’s creation and I wanted to incorporate the use of the Internet in my classes for the first time. I located a brief YouTube video that shows images of babies growing in the womb. I […]

7 + 7 = 14

I enjoyed our catechist meeting last night, especially getting the chance to meet my aide and my fellow 4th-grade catechists. It was also nice to see the 8th grade catechists with whom I teamed these past several years. They needled me about leaving their team and we had a good laugh about it. My aide […]

One Word That Describes How You Feel About Teaching This Year

At my recent workshop in Dallas, I asked the crowd of catechists to think of one word that describes how they feel about the upcoming catechetical year. As expected, the responses ran the gamut. Here’s a small sampling: excited privilege challenge anxious called scared opportunity growth curious faith What one word best describes how YOU […]

From the Mouths of Babes

This video was just brought to my attention…it is absolutely priceless!

RCIA Catechists: Getting the Newly Initiated to “Come Back” for Mystagogia

I had a nice discussion last evening with some RCIA coordinators, catechists, and sponsors, who were lamenting how difficult it is to get the newly initiated to return for sessions following the Easter Vigil. (Sounds very similar to the struggle we have getting kids to come back after Confirmation, eh?) The Easter season is to […]

This is the Day the Lord Has Made…

You may recall from some of my previous posts, that this year, I began each religious education class by inviting the 8th graders to stand and respond “Let us rejoice and be glad!” to my invocation of “This is the day the Lord has made.” This became a very joyful part of our class and […]

Take a Look at This Robust Conversation!

Thanks to a number of folks who have shared comments, thus creating a robust conversation, about the issue of technology in catechesis. Be sure to take a look at all of the excellent thoughts shared by a number of contributors and feel free to add your thoughts as well:

Closing the Year

I believe I’ve been paid the ultimate compliment from an 8th grade student who wrote those words on his evaluation: “flippin’ sweet class, Dude!” That’s a first for me! I’d like to borrow his language to describe how things went last night: it was “flippin sweet!” It was one of those times when everything went according […]