Sin – Like Gravity – is a Downer

March 3, 2009 Joe Paprocki 0

The Catholic New World, the Chicago archdiocesan newspaper, is featuring an article that I’ve written titled Sin, Like Gravity, is a Downer. This is the first in a series of articles for a feature they call Finding Grace in which I will be exploring the seven deadly sins and the virtues that we can rely on to overcome them. Enjoy!

Tonight’s Class: The Ten Commandments

April 7, 2008 Joe Paprocki 2

For this evening’s class, I plan to focus on the Ten Commandments. One of the¬†things that the Confirmation assessment revealed is that many of the young people in my group do not know the Commandments well at all. Here’s my plan: Two Sides to Every Coin – I’ll begin by flipping a coin several times, asking different young people to call out “heads” or “tails.” I’ll use this to illustrate that, just as every coin […]

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