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Pentecost: A Renewable Source of Abundance

June 7, 2014


Under the Influence of Jesus

Imagine how you would feel if someone stepped into your life, paid off all of your debts, and set up a line of credit for you to draw from for the rest of your life! I know one thing…I’d like this person’s business card! This scenario may sound far-fetched, but in essence, this is what […]

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A Father’s Day Message

June 14, 2013


I’m not one to claim mystical experiences of hearing God talking to me (as in actually hearing a voice and spoken words) however, I have had a couple of moments in life when I felt that God tossed a few syllables my way. One such occasion occurred some years ago on Father’s Day. Now, let’s […]

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Grandparents and the Benignity of God

June 10, 2013


Last week, I spent a few days in New Jersey with about 65 catechetical leaders, reflecting on the 7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness. Among the many wonderful people I was privileged to spend time with was Ron Pihokker, the Director of the Catechetical Office of the Archdiocese of Newark, NJ. In particular, I was struck […]

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The Most Holy Trinity – A Feast of Heaven and Earth and Close Encounters

May 24, 2013


There seems to be no shortage of movies about the lives of human beings AFTER the earth is destroyed (Wall-E, Oblivion, After Earth, just to name a few). We seem to be resigned to the notion that our penchant for disposability will result in the eventual destruction of this planet. Unfortunately, too much of Christianity […]

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Teaching About the Kingdom

September 20, 2010


My lesson tonight includes the concept of God as king and of how we pray for the coming of the Kingdom. In American society, we sometimes have trouble teaching about the concept of the Kingdom of God – afterall, we won our independence from the “tyranny” of the King of England. Our present day understanding of […]

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Images of the Holy Spirit

December 14, 2009


See full size image

Tonight, as we begin our first of five Confirmation Intensives (class will be for 2 hours instead of 75 minutes, comprised of 5 different mini-sessions), I will be teaching about images of the Holy Spirit: water, anointing, fire, and a dove. To introduce this concept, I am bringing in a blank red octagon that I […]

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Jesus, I Want to Get to Know You

November 9, 2009



Tonight, we will complete our unit on Jesus. I have completed the Powerpoint that the young people began work on in class last week which covers the various aspects of Jesus’ life and ministry: the world of Jesus, the people of Jesus, the words and actions of Jesus, and the death and Resurrection of Jesus. I’m […]

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Update on Yesterday's Class: Mixed Success

November 3, 2009



So things went fairly well last night with my experiment in having the kids make PowerPoint slides to describe who Jesus is. I say fairly well because I was surprised at how poorly some of them are at keyboarding and that slowed the whole process down (they know how to use Powerpoint, but they type […]

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On Second Thought…

October 20, 2009



Last evening’s session went OK, however, as I look back over my attempt to walk the young people through the Bible in preparation for the unit on Jesus, I’m having second thoughts about my approach. Frankly, I think it was a bit beyond them to explore so many Scripture passages (as outlined in my handout) […]

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Setting the Stage for Jesus

October 19, 2009


Jesus of Nazareth

For tonight’s class, my plan is to continue walking the young people through the story of salvation history in the Bible, setting the stage for the unit on Jesus that we are beginning. You may recall that 2 weeks ago (we were off last week for Columbus Day), I began walking them through the story […]

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