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Christmas Blessings!

December 24, 2013

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“For a child is born to us, a son is given us; upon his shoulder dominion rests. They name him Wonder-Counselor, God-Hero, Father-Forever, Prince of Peace. His dominion is vast and forever peaceful, from David’s throne, and over his kingdom, which he confirms and sustains by judgment and justice, both now and forever.” (Is 9:5-6) […]

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Thank God for the Textbook!

December 18, 2013


The Catechist

On pg. 40 of my book, The Catechist’s Toolbox, I mention that one of the top ten things that can go wrong for a catechist is “You’re done with your lesson and you still have 35 minutes to go!” Would you believe 50 minutes? That’s exactly what happened to me last night! We took our […]

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This Christmas, Light Up a Room as Mary Did

December 24, 2012


The Gospel for the 4th Sunday of Advent provides us with a key for how to enter into Christmas. We hear of Mary visiting her cousin Elizabeth. Mary enters and does not utter a word and yet Elizabeth is filled with joy. Why? Because Mary is carrying Jesus within her…she is bringing Good News into […]

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Catechists in Action – Dan Ward Segment 6

January 25, 2012


In this segment of Catechists in Action, 7th grade catechist Dan Ward continues to work with his students to prepare them for Christmas. Watch as Dan… invites his students to take 3 minutes to think of what they need to do to prepare for Jesus’ coming invites volunteers to share their ideas shares an idea […]

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Catechists In Action #3 – Dan Talks About Advent/Christmas Preparations and the Sacrament of Reconciliation

January 16, 2012


In this segment of Catechists in Action, we watch as 7th grade catechist Dan Ward talks with his students about preparing for Christmas and the coming of Christ and about preparing to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation the following week. Watch for the following as Dan: multi-tasks: teaching while also distributing materials pauses and shushes […]

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Catechists Have Beautiful Feet!

December 22, 2011


As we enter into the Christmas season, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the beautiful feet of catechists around the world! The 1st Reading for Mass During the Day on Christmas proclaims:   How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of the one bringing good news, Announcing peace, bearing good news, announcing […]

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A Nativity Play According to Luke

December 20, 2011


  Here is a Nativity Play that was sent to me by Karen from Elizabeth, Illinois, who writes: Hi Joe, If anyone needs a “bomb proof” script for the Nativity Play, a children’s production, for this year, please pass along the attached file. It’s based on the Gospel of St. Luke, this year’s cycle. It also […]

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The Church Never Tires of Singing the Glory of this Night

December 24, 2010


The Nativity of Our Lord

Jesus was born in a humble stable, into a poor family. Simple shepherds were the first witnesses to this event. In this poverty heaven’s glory was made manifest. The Church never tires of singing the glory of this night: The Virgin today brings into the world the Eternal And the earth offers a cave to […]

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Christmas and Catholic Identity

December 21, 2009



I had the privilege of being on the Morning Air show hosted by Sean Herriott (Relevant Radio) this morning (7 am Chicago time…ouch!). BTW, I’ll post a link to a recording of it tomorrow when it becomes available. Anyway, I spent the time talking about how unabashedly Catholic the celebration of Christmas is! I describe Catholic identity […]

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OK…One More Post Before Christmas Break!

December 22, 2008


I thought I had posted my last post before Christmas break, but I couldn’t resist posting the following, especially for those catechists who will be meeting with their kids between now and the end of the Christmas season. Enjoy! Jesus is Better than Santa Santa lives at the North Pole. JESUS is everywhere. Santa rides […]

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