The Six Tasks of Catechesis #6: Missionary Initiation, or Evangelizing our Faith

woman catechist with young person

The last of the Six Tasks of Catechesis is missionary initiation, or in terms of the remembering phrase HELP ME, evangelizing our faith. Here’s how our bishops explain this task: “The ‘world’ thus becomes the place and the means for the lay faithful to fulfill their Christian vocation. Catechesis seeks to help the disciples of […]

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A Prayer for Play

featured video

It’s important for those involved in catechetical ministries to take time for self-care, and that includes time for fun! Today we ask for eyes and hearts open to see whimsy and to take part in play. This prayer was written by Vinita Hampton Wright, writer and editor, who also provides the voice for the video […]

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Seeing the Wonder

Kathy MacKenzie - seeing the wonder

Kathy MacKenzie has been involved in youth faith formation for the past 12 years, most recently as Director of Religious Education at St. Timothy Parish in Norwood, MA. We asked her to tell us about a favorite moment in the faith-formation year. Any moment at which I see the bright light of understanding dawning on […]

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Pokémon GO: A Parish Primer

Pokevangelization by Dio of Green Bay

In my book, A Church on the Move: 52 Ways to Get Mission and Mercy in Motion, I propose that parishes need to continually help people find connections between the Catholic faith and daily living, including hobbies or activities that people engage in: “This approach can be a wonderful form of pre-evangelization, a way of […]

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My Top Ten Favorite Lessons: #10


It’s been a fun trip down memory lane this summer as I’ve recounted and shared ten of my favorite lessons from my experiences of teaching fourth, sixth, and eighth grade religious education over the last decade. Last but not least is a lesson I did several years in a row when teaching eighth grade; it is […]

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The Six Tasks of Catechesis #5: Education for Community Life, or Mentoring our Faith

catechist with student

The fifth of the Six Tasks of Catechesis is education for community life, or in terms of the remembering phrase HELP ME, mentoring our faith. In other words, this task prepares the Christian to live in community and participate actively in the life and mission of the Church. Read how our bishops challenge us to […]

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Confident Catechists: How to Prepare for the New Year

DRE shares info with catechist

During Advent and Lent, the Church prepares for the feasts of Christmas and Easter. Similarly, summer is the season when catechists prepare for the upcoming catechetical year. The more time we take to prepare, the more comfortable and confident we will be echoing the Word of God in our classrooms. Prayer, Prayer, and More Prayer […]

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Special Needs Ministry on Both Sides of the Border

Kathy Hagan and Adaptive Preparation Kits

It’s hard to ignore the enthusiasm that radiates from Kathy Hagan, a retired school teacher working in Catholic religious education for 30 years. Hagan is involved in Confirmation preparation and special needs ministry at St. Luke Catholic Church in Irving, Texas. St. Luke’s is a vibrant community with parishioners from Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, […]

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Celebrating the Canonization of Mother Teresa

Meet Mother Teresa

In just a few short weeks (September 4, 2016), we will be celebrating the canonization of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta—a saint who personifies and embodies the humble mercy we are focusing on during this Year of Mercy. This celebration is so timely and fitting as we find ourselves in the midst of a long and […]

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My Top Ten Favorite Lessons: #9

God is my rock - Bible verse rocks

Faith formation is not just about giving intellectual assent to a set of principles and doctrines. It is about placing trust in a relationship. Many of the sessions I have done with young people over the years have focused on the notion of trust—an issue that young people are grappling with as they discern who […]

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