And Away We Go!

kick off

I’m old enough to remember how Jackie Gleason would say, “And awaaaay we go!” at the beginning of his TV show every week. Those words popped into my mind as we kicked off the catechetical year at St. Cajetan Parish last week. We began with a prayer service in church, which included blessings of the parents, […]

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Can Your Catechists Tell THE Story?


Whenever I serve in my parish as a catechist, I notice something distressing: children generally have little knowledge of Bible stories. Many of them cannot connect the dots from Jesus’ birth in a stable to his Death and Resurrection. Even fewer can connect Adam and Eve to Jesus; only a few have heard of such […]

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As Clear as a Bell: Playing “God’s Family Feud”


As catechists, we always need to evaluate the way we present lessons to our classes. An approach that may work for one group may not work for another. For example, I was teaching a frisky group of second graders about the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. However, all of the old tricks […]

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A Catechist’s Prayer

A Catechist's Prayer - woman praying

Dear Lord Jesus, You are the model teacher. Let me look to you as an example and come to you for comfort on the bad days and to share my joy on the good ones. Help me remember that the work of catechesis is not something I do by myself, as I pray: For my […]

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Beginning the Conversation About Adult Faith Formation

As a Church, we’ve been talking about adult faith formation for years and yet, here we are “beginning” the conversation at Christ the King parish. That’s not a knock on the parish—many parishes find themselves in the same boat: yet to realize what it means to make adult faith formation a priority. Thankfully, Fr. Larry […]

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Happy Catechetical Sunday!

Pope of Mercy poster preview

This Sunday, September 20, 2016, is Catechetical Sunday, with the theme of “Safeguarding the Dignity of Every Human Person.” Here is a Catechist’s Prayer from the USCCB: Father of all families, you have called me to serve the family in truth and love as a catechist. May I be faithful to this call, rooted in your […]

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The Welcoming Parish Family

welcome mat

As a mother of three young children, Mass can be a bit of an unpredictable experience at times. I remember one particular time when my pastor, Father Bill, called for a moment of silence during Mass and our two-year-old son Ian shouted at the top of his lungs, “Boo, boo, I scare me!” Needless to […]

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Which American Saint Are You?—Free Lesson Plan

Which American Saint Are You? Lesson Plan with Posters and Prayer Cards

When we learn about the saints, we must remember that they were ordinary people just like us. Like us, the saints had to figure out who they were in the eyes of God and then live out that vision. They give us examples of how people dedicate their lives to God. Learning from them, we […]

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Preparing My Heart and Mind: Four Ways to Get Ready for the Classroom

notebook and pencils

My three kids are back in school and I’m preparing to head back to the parish classroom as a third-grade catechist. It would be easy for me to overlook preparing for the class since I’ve been teaching the same grade for a few years, but I know that this would be a huge mistake. Just […]

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Creating People for Others Partnerships

school supplies2

Last Friday, I posted about creating mercy opportunities for fifth graders, tied in with the doctrine being taught in each chapter of the Finding God fifth-grade book. Several of the suggestions made mention of partnering with Loyola Press’s “People for Others” campaign. Here’s some background and a proposal. Being a “person for others” is a very […]

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