A Session Planning Form – For Your Convenience!

So, as it turns out, my first session of religious education for this evening was canceled due to the excessive heat here in Chicago! It is in the mid to upper 90s during this 2nd week of September! Well, that’ll give me more time to polish my own lesson which will now take place next Tuesday! In the meantime, I’ve put the finishing touches on a resource I think you’ll find helpful. It is a Session […]

Webinar Recording is READY! Forming a 3-Dimensional Catechist

I’m happy to report that the recording from my Webinar – Forming a 3-Dimensional Catechist – IS NOW READY! Click on the link below and you’ll be taken to the recording which you can view after providing a little information. Recording of Free Webinar – Forming a 3-Dimensional Catechist Likewise, here is a form you can use to submit to your catechetical leader or diocesan catechetical office if you are seeking credit for viewing the […]

Rest in Peace, Victor Valdez: Master Catechist, Faithful Servant, Good Friend

I just learned that a friend of mine passed away last month, July 17, 2013, to be exact. I met Victor Valdez when I was doing a speaking engagement in San Francisco in 2008. Victor suffered from recurring brain tumors his entire life yet he dedicated himself tirelessly to the catechetical ministry. On that visit in 2008, he gave up an entire evening to show me around San Francisco since it was my first trip […]

The Ignatian Key to Opening Doors of Faith – or – Going Contagious with Ignatius!

The theme for Catechetical Sunday (September 15, 2013) this year is…     It just so happens that St. Ignatius of Loyola holds the key to unlock and open the “Door of Faith!” St. Ignatius taught that the most effective way to persuade someone to your way of thinking is to “enter through their door but be sure to leave through your door.” What he means by this is that we need to make a connection between […]

On the Border: A Day in Laredo, TX!

I spent an absolutely wonderful day with about 230 catechists and catechetical leaders in Laredo, Texas, just a mile or so from the U.S./Mexico border. I was privileged to provide a day of formation for these good folks who came with so much spirit and enthusiasm…they were quite inspiring. One catechist in attendance has 46 years of catechizing under her belt! And there she is at a catechist’s workshop! Amazing people. Thanks to everyone for […]

Last Chance to Download Handouts for Free Webinar!

Our FREE Webinar – Forming a 3-Dimensional Catechist (Being, Knowing, and Doing) – takes place on Thursday, August 22, 2013 at 7:00 pm (CT). This will be a very interactive Webinar! With that in mind, here are some handouts that you’ll want to have with you as you participate in the event. BKD Webinar Handouts 1 – BEING BKD Webinar Handouts 2 – KNOWING BKD Webinar Handouts 3 – DOING There’s still time to register…just […]

Let’s Help a Newbie DRE

I received this email from a self-described “newbie-DRE” who is looking for some advice. Let’s help her out! Does anyone have practical suggestions for saying “no” to a potential catechist who responds to your “call”? My assistant and I feel that he wouldn’t be able to control a classroom, and he has no filter when speaking so he tends to over-share about his personal life. Something about his personality is just giving us a bad […]

The Excitement of a New Catechetical Year – And a New Parish!

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow evening is the first catechist meeting of the year for the 2013-14 catechetical year! I will once again be teaching 6th grade (Finding God), however, I will be doing so at a new parish! I will now be at St. Cajetan Parish on the far southside of Chicago, about 5 minutes south of my home in Evergreen Park. With the retirement of Arlene Astrowski, the DRE at Most Holy […]

The Engaged Catechist: Forming Catechist Enrichment Groups

In his book, Growing An Engaged Church (Gallup Press), Albert L. Winseman explains that, without true engagement, volunteers burn out quickly. He identifies 3 ways to make an immediate impact on the level of engagement of church members: clarify the expectations of membership help your members discover what they do best create small groups I think these can (and should) be easily applied to catechists, who, without engagement, do indeed burnout quickly. Those catechists who […]

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