An Evening with the Associate Pastor

February 14, 2011 Joe Paprocki 0

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! A big day for us catechists who are all about teaching LOVE! Tonight, the 4th graders will have an opportunity to spend the evening with Fr. Matt, the Associate Pastor, as he will help them to better understand the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I should have the recordings of the Roman Missal Webinars real soon…stay tuned! In the meantime, I’ll answer some more of the many questions that came in during the Webinars. […]

The Church Never Tires of Singing the Glory of this Night

December 24, 2010 Joe Paprocki 6

Jesus was born in a humble stable, into a poor family. Simple shepherds were the first witnesses to this event. In this poverty heaven’s glory was made manifest. The Church never tires of singing the glory of this night: The Virgin today brings into the world the Eternal And the earth offers a cave to the Inaccessible. The angels and shepherds praise him And the magi advance with the star, For you are born for […]

New Roman Missal – What You Need to Know – #2

December 16, 2010 Joe Paprocki 8

As we prepare to implement the new Roman Missal one year from now, in Advent, 2011, I am co-authoring (with D. Todd Williamson, Director of the Office for Divine Worship, Archdiocese of Chicago) a series of ten articles for Loyola Press on the new Roman Missal. These articles will provide you with what you need to know to better understand the changes when we implement them next year. I’ll point you to these articles weekly over the […]

BKD in Omaha, NE

October 14, 2010 Joe Paprocki 2

I’m on my way home from a very nice day and a half in Omaha, Nebraska (my first time in this lovely state) where I did a Being, Knowing, and Doing workshop for about 35 catechetical leaders. We enjoyed a very nice day together looking at ways we can take better care of our catechists and provide formation for them that includes all 3 dimensions: being, knowing, doing. Here’s a big SHOUT OUT to the […]

Calling an Audible

September 21, 2010 Joe Paprocki 11

If you know anything about football, you know that sometimes, after a play is designed in the huddle and the team lines up to snap the ball, the quarterback may see something he didn’t expect and doesn’t like. At that point, he calls an audible…he changes the play on the fly. This is something that can only be done if the team has prepared well and knows what the alternative plays are. In religious education, […]

Catechist Meeting Tonight!

August 30, 2010 Joe Paprocki 4

Our new catechetical year gets off to a start tonight with our first catechist meeting! This will be an opportunity for me to meet the other 4th grade catechists that I’ll be working with as well as my aide. There’s always a sense of excitement at this meeting, as we all look forward to the challenges and opportunities of the coming year. I’m honored to have been asked by Arlene, our DRE, to speak to […]

31 Days with St. Ignatius

July 2, 2010 Joe Paprocki 2

I know we’re already 2 days into this month of July but I just found out about a nice resource for spending the 31 days of July focusing on St. Ignatius of Loyola, whose feast we celebrate on July 31. It is a calendar full of resources to celebrate all things Ignatian: St. Ignatius, Ignatian spirituality, reflections, prayers, videos, and activities. This makes for a very nice summer exercise for catechists to immerse themselves in […]

BKD in The Big Easy

June 28, 2010 Joe Paprocki 2

This past Saturday, I had the joy and privilege of conducting a Being, Knowing, and Doing professional development workshop for a wonderful group of catechetical leaders (and a few catechists as well) in New Orleans. It was my first trip to the Big Easy and it was SO enjoyable. Many, many thanks to the great folks who made me feel so at home there and contributed to a most productive day of looking at how […]

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