Lenten Family Mission – Mary, Seat of Wisdom Parish, Park Ridge, IL

March 20, 2013 Joe Paprocki 2

This week, I have had the privilege of preaching a Lenten Family Mission at Mary, Seat of Wisdom parish in Park Ridge, IL, on the theme of the Mass (drawing from my book, Living the Mass). It has been an extraordinary experience of grace and I thank the good people of the parish for their strong turnout each evening of the Mission. Last night, I focused on the Liturgy of the Word and how it […]

Meet Pope Francis – A Teachable Moment

March 14, 2013 Joe Paprocki 3

Loyola Press has put together some great activities related to the election of Pope Francis that you can use in your catechetical setting. They are: Find Your Pope Name Welcome Letter to the New Pope Pray for the Pope, Pray for the World Here, There, God is Everywhere! Here’s an interesting resource from the world of secular education seeking to use the election of the new Pope as a teachable moment. Here’s how a Catholic […]

U.S. Catholic Book Club Selects 7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness for March!

March 8, 2013 Joe Paprocki 0

  I was tickled to learn that U.S. Catholic Magazine has chosen my book 7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness as its selection for their Book Club for March, 2013!!! Here’s what they say about the book:   Review: In the contemporary dualism that sees spirituality as distinct from religion, Joe Paprocki admits that Christianity is too often confined to the latter and considered “less as a spiritual path and more as a code of ethics.” In […]

Helpful Resource to Deepen Kids’ Understanding of the Mass

March 8, 2013 Joe Paprocki 4

Recently, I received a review copy of a DVD titled Understanding Sunday Mass: A Kid’s Point of View by David Yrisarri (Anchor Productions, sundaymass4kids.com). David is a visual effects producer who worked with the Diocese of Orange, CA, to produce this instructional video after his own son’s First Communion. David felt that his son and his peers learned a lot about Christ and their Catholic faith but not enough about the Mass. You can read […]

Papal Transition – It’s More About Continuity Than Change

March 6, 2013 Joe Paprocki 0

The media’s emphasis during this papal transition is all about change – as if one political party is about to replace the current political party and bring in a whole new agenda. While it is true that the Church is always in need of reform, for Catholics, the transition is more about continuity than it is about change. The white smoke and the words “Habemus Papam” are reassuring words that the Chair of St. Peter […]

How To Host a DAY OF FAITH During This YEAR OF FAITH

January 10, 2013 Joe Paprocki 9

Many people have been asking about what they can do in their local parish to mark this Year of Faith. In response, I’ve put together a new resource that you can use called DAYS OF FAITH! This is a kit that contains everything you need to host a faith formation event in your own parish during Lent or some other time of this Year of Faith. In this kit, I share 4 PowerPoint® presentations – each 60-minutes […]

I’m Just Getting Warmed Up!

December 13, 2012 Joe Paprocki 0

Yesterday, I told you about my new book, Beyond the Catechist’s Toolbox, which you can pre-order (available February, 2013). Well, I’m just gettin’ warmed up!!! I’ve got lots more to tell you about. I’ve been a busy little catechist and writer this year and I’m happy to share with you 2 new resources that I am very proud of and that will help to meet a pressing need in catechesis (catechizing children who are “out […]

Check Out a New Online Course on Bible Basics!

November 6, 2012 Joe Paprocki 1

I was honored to write a new course for the University of Dayton Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation (VLCFF). It is called Bible Basics and the required text for the course is my book, The Bible Blueprint: A Catholic’s Guide to Understanding and Embracing God’s Word. Thanks to Richard Drabick, the Assistant Director of the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives for inviting me to write the course and to Sr. Angela Ann Zukowski, MHSH, the Director […]

Where Have You Gone, Thomas Groome? The Role of Experience in Catechesis

October 24, 2012 Joe Paprocki 22

When I was a mere “babe” in the catechetical ministry (early 1980s), I was introduced to the notion of the catechetical process. At the time, those 2 words could not be spoken without also mentioning the name of Dr. Thomas Groome and his groundbreaking work, Christian Religious Education: Sharing Our Story and Vision . At the heart of Groome’s approach is an unmistakable connection between lived experience and the faith Tradition of the Catholic Church. […]

A Year of Faith…So What?

October 10, 2012 Joe Paprocki 5

OK, that title above might be a little provocative. I am certainly not approaching the Year of Faith with a dismissive attitude. However, the “so what?” question is always key: we need to be able to explain what it is that we do as Catholics and why. So, a Year of Faith…faith in WHAT? Faith in whom? Simply put, our faith is not in a set of ideas or in an institution. It is in […]

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