A Lenten Prayer Service

This past Monday, we gathered with the children in church for a Lenten Prayer Service (about 30 minutes) with the pastor. I thought the service was very nicely prepared and executed. As we waited to begin, one of the 2nd grade catechists got up and asked all the 2nd grade children to stand and sing “This Little Light of Mine” which was an appropriate pre-processional and served to gather hearts, minds, and voices. I saw some […]

Learning Stations Tonight – Gettin’ There Early!

I’m excited about tonight’s class…doing Sacraments of Initiation LEARNING STATIONS as I mentioned last week. I did my shopping over the weekend to get the supplies I needed and have them neatly packed into one bag. I called my DRE, Arlene, to ask about getting into the building a little earlier than usual…I think I’ll need about 45 minutes to get everything organized. I look forward to giving you a full and detailed report tomorrow […]

Shout Out to Eastern Penn DREs!

These are just some of the happy faces at the 28th annual Eastern Pennsylvania DRE Gathering which took place over the past few days at the Golden Inn in Avalon, NJ. I was privileged to be the presenter for the event, offering 3 presentations over a couple of days, focusing on the theme of “Immersed in Christ – Proud to be Catholic.” What a wonderful event. Over 100 DREs gather for this formational and fun getaway […]

Testing the 4th Grade Waters

As part of my lesson this past Monday, I wanted to emphasize how human beings are the greatest part of God’s creation and I wanted to incorporate the use of the Internet in my classes for the first time. I located a brief YouTube video that shows images of babies growing in the womb. I made sure that the video did not have any images relating to the act of sexual intercourse or the fertilization […]

Final Installment of Q & A from 9/2/10 Webinar

Here’s the last of the Q & A from our Getting Started as a Catechist Webinar last Thursday, September 2, 2010. ‑­Rocio Q: ­how do you deal with parents who take the children to religious education out of tradition but themselves are not practicing catholics? ­ A: Rocio, there’s not much a catechist can do individually other than try to maintain some level of communication by sending home resources that encourage parents to be more […]

More Q & A from 9/2/10 Webinar

Here is more Q & A from the Getting Started as a Catechist Webinar that took place last Thursday, September 2, 2010. ________________________________________________________________ ‑­Maria Q: ­I have a very unique class in my parish (2nd year First communion preparation) consisting of children from 2nd thru 6th grade. Any suggestions on how to be a more effective Catechist reaching out to this wide range age group? ­ A: Maria, such a wide range of ages is […]

Q & A from Yesterday’s Webinar

A number of people sent in some excellent questions during our Webinar last night. Here’s a sampling along with my responses. You’re most welcome to chime in on the discussion. _______________________________________________________________ ‑­Steven Q: ­What are the biggest differences between teaching religion in a five day school and as a catechist once a week.  For the first time in almost 30 years I am doing both at the same time.­ A: Steven, the most obvious of […]

Catechist Meeting Tonight!

Our new catechetical year gets off to a start tonight with our first catechist meeting! This will be an opportunity for me to meet the other 4th grade catechists that I’ll be working with as well as my aide. There’s always a sense of excitement at this meeting, as we all look forward to the challenges and opportunities of the coming year. I’m honored to have been asked by Arlene, our DRE, to speak to […]

Thanks, Duluth!

I had a great time Monday afternoon with a wonderful group of DREs, catechists, and pastors at the Minnesota Catholic Education Association. I did a 3-hour stranded session (tiring!) on The Catechist’s Toolbox. One of the most interesting ideas that came out of our discussion was a catechist who was teaching the concept of Church to her class. She arranged to take them on a field trip of sorts. She pre-arranged with 5 families in […]

A Shout Out to Iowa City/Diocese of Davenport, IA!

A great big THANKS to all the good folks of the Diocese of Davenport who gathered on Friday (August 6, 2010) at St. Patrick’s in Iowa City to explore The Bible Blueprint! What a wonderful day! I enjoyed meeting and speaking with so many of you on that day as we explored how to “Listen to Him” through Sacred Scripture and how to invite others to deepen their relationship with God through Scripture. Before I […]

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