Lifting Hearts and Eyes to Mary with a Living Rosary and Balloon Release

There’s no doubt that St. Gregory the Great Catholic School in San Antonio, Texas has a passion for Mary and her discipleship. Lessons about the Rosary are incorporated in religious instruction at all grade levels and focus especially on Mary during the Month of the Rosary in October. Fifteen years ago, St. Gregory’s seventh-grade students started asking questions about Marian apparitions and how they connected to the Mysteries of the Rosary. The students were asked […]

October – Month of the Holy Rosary

As you know, October is the month of the Holy Rosary. Last year at this time, I offered a post about how to pray a Living Rosary and it received quite a few visits, so I thought I’d share it again for your edification. As mentioned in a previous post, I’ll be taking my 4th graders to church this coming Monday to see the 3rd graders pray the Living Rosary. This will be my first […]

Yesterday’s Class – Concern About Those Who Are Homeless

Last evening’s session went very nicely as we looked at Jesus’ Law of Love (Love one another as I have loved you) and learned about how we are called to imitate Jesus’ love for others. Here’s a summary: We had a nice review of our last session which was 2 weeks ago. I held up a can of Play-Doh and asked, “Anyone remember what we learned?” and one girl said, “That we can shape our […]