'Round, 'Round, Get Around, I Get Around!

January 8, 2010 Joe Paprocki 0

Of course, that’s the classic Beachboys tune – I Get Around – that I’m invoking as I draw your attention to my updated calendar for 2010 (at the bottom of the About Me page). The traveling begins in earnest next week when I fly to Bridgeport, CT to spend a day with about 100 catechetical leaders! Perhaps some of us will have a chance to meet at these various events around the country! I’ve met a number […]

Ohio Catholic Education Association

October 7, 2009 Joe Paprocki 7

Cincinnati, here I come! I’m privileged to have the opportunity to do a couple of workshops at the Ohio Catholic Education Association conference in Cincinnati this week. I’ll be speaking on The Catechist’s Toolbox and Living the Mass. In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you about how your first few weeks of teaching are going! Send in your comments.

A Well-Built Faith in Green Bay, WI

September 25, 2009 Joe Paprocki 3

I spent a wonderful Friday with 200 Administrators (Catholic school principals, DREs, Adult Faith Formation Coordinators, etc.) on the topic of my book, A Well-Built Faith. The folks there really outdid themselves, creating an environment that brought the Well-Built Faith imagery to life. Take a look at these pics! Thanks to all the good folks of the Diocese of Green Bay for a great day and God bless you in your ministry! What an amazing […]

Wine & Cheese & Webinars

September 3, 2009 Joe Paprocki 1

I’m told that a DRE at a large parish in Albany, NY, recently gathered a number of catechists in one of their homes and viewed my catechist training webinar on a wide-screen TV (hooked up to the computer) while enjoying wine and cheese! What a great idea! Maybe I’ll ask permission to DELIVER a future webinar while enjoying wine and cheese! Maybe not. 🙂

Spring Enrichment – Albany, New York

May 12, 2009 Joe Paprocki 0

I’ll be doing a couple of presentations at the Spring Enrichment conference for the Diocese of Albany, New York. As always, I look forward to meeting catechists from another part of God’s world! I’ll be speaking about the Catechist’s Toolbox and about God’s Library (Scripture). I’ll be flying there on “Cloud 9” – that’s where I am following the Chicago Blackhawks’ big win last night!!!

Visiting Catechists in the Deep South

March 14, 2009 Joe Paprocki 0

I just returned from a trip to Alabama and Georgia where I had the pleasure of speaking to/with a couple of groups of DREs and catechists about how to transform religion class into an “experience.” Greetings to all of the wonderful people I met in the Birmingham and Atlanta dioceses! Thanks for your warm southern hospitality and I wish you continued blessings in your ministry! One highlight of my trip was stopping for a bite […]

There Are Catechists in Canada!

February 18, 2009 Joe Paprocki 0

Of course there are catechists in Canada! It just so happens that I had the privilege of meeting with a number of them over the last few days in Vancouver, British Columbia! I was presenting at the Catholic Educator’s Conference of the Catholic Independent Schools of the Vancouver Archdiocese. After I unpack my bags, I’ll tell you more about it!

Catechists and the Bible – A Saturday Morning in the Joliet Diocese

February 9, 2009 Joe Paprocki 4

I spent this past Saturday morning with about 100 catechists in the Diocese of Joliet (south and west of the Archdiocese of Chicago) focusing on the topic of catechists and the Bible. I was honored to “share the bill” with Bishop Peter Sartain and to meet and speak with so many catechists from so many parishes. After a beautiful morning prayer, I was introduced and spoke about 5 ways to “dramatically increase your students’ Bible […]

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