A Catechist’s Bill of Rights – The Right to Formation and Training

September 29, 2014 Joe Paprocki 8

Today we hear a lot about people demanding their rights! Fortunately, we live in a country that guarantees those rights according to the Constitution. If there were a “catechist’s bill of rights,” one of those rights would be training and formation and I wish that more catechists would speak up, demanding this right. I’ll never forget my friend Brian Lemoi, Director of the Catechetical Office in the Diocese of St. Petersburg, FLA, telling me that, […]

Getting Away from the Presentation/Lecture Method for Adult Faith Formation

September 25, 2014 Joe Paprocki 3

One of the patterns that we need to break in order for ongoing Adult Faith Formation to take root and grow is the bad habit of lecturing to adults for 45 minutes or an hour and calling that adult catechesis. In many parishes, adult faith formation takes the shape of a staff member (pastor, associate pastor, deacon, pastoral associate, DRE) deciding that he or she will offer a series of classes for 6 to 8 weeks. […]

Successful REP Kick-Off Event!

September 17, 2014 Joe Paprocki 4

Thanks be to God, we had a wonderfully successful kick-off event for the Religious Education program at St. Cajetan that focused on the adults as well as the children. The goal was to begin to chip away at the “drop-off” mentality and I think it is safe to say that last night we made a significant dent! I counted at least 100 adults present and we prepared 115 folders! Here’s a pictorial summary: Signage was key […]

REP Kick-Off Event with Adult Focus

September 2, 2014 Joe Paprocki 18

This year, in addition to my work in Adult Faith Formation at St. Barnabas Parish, I am also assisting the DRE at St. Cajetan, Deb Breakey, where I served as a 6th grade catechist last year. Together, we are focusing on changing the “drop-off” mentality of the parents of kids in the Religious Education program. To that end, the first night of RE (September 16) will have a totally different look than in years past. […]

Catechists: What Do You Look for in a DRE?

June 19, 2014 Joe Paprocki 12

I received an email from a friend who is a DRE and he asked if I had ever posted about what catechists look for in a Director of Religious Education. I told him that I had not but what a wonderful idea for a post! So… Catechists: please share a few thoughts about what you look for in a Director of Religious Education! Just type in your comments in the “Leave a Reply” box below. […]

Online Master of Arts in Religious Education

May 21, 2014 Joe Paprocki 0

From time to time, I am asked about opportunities for pursuing a degree in religious education via online study. Recently, I became aware of just such an opportunity through Felician College. Felician Colleage Master of Arts in Religious Education – ONLINE

A Lenten Family Day

March 19, 2014 Joe Paprocki 0

Cyndi from Louisville, KY, shares the following. Great job, Cyndi! Hi Joe Just wanted to share how our Sunday Religious Program has used one of your 40 ideas for Lent. We took the Declaration of Dependence you proposed for the class and expanded it to be for the entire program and all the families. At our Lenten Family Day we baked Pretzels (also one of your ideas) and while the pretzels were baking every person […]

Starting the 2nd Half of the Year by Reviewing the 1st Half

January 6, 2014 Joe Paprocki 8

After 2 weeks off for the Christmas holidays, religious education sessions are scheduled to be back in session tomorrow evening. Of course, we’re keeping an eye on the weather here in Chicago. Schools are closed today with a foot of snow on the ground and temps at -10 degrees (for a high!). Tomorrow it’s supposed to get up to a balmy zero degrees for a high! In the Book of Job, God responds to Job’s laments […]

Religious Education Family Mass

November 4, 2013 Joe Paprocki 0

Yesterday, St. Cajetan’s hosted a Religious Education Family Mass to celebrate what God is doing in the lives of those involved in the RE program. All of the catechists were asked to make displays and we set them up in the back of the church. Before and after Mass, many people browsed the displays and had a chance to meet and talk to the catechists and enjoy refreshments (after Mass!) I had a chance to […]

6th Grade Display for RE Family Mass

November 1, 2013 Joe Paprocki 0

This Sunday, the Religious Education program at St. Cajetan will host a Family Mass at 9:00 AM and our DRE, Deb, asked each catechist to put together a display for their grade. I finished mine this morning, featuring how the kids are Finding God in the stories of the Old Testament and how God reveals his love to us leading up to his greatest revelation: his Son, Jesus Christ! Have a great weekend!  

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