Thanks from Nancy!

June 2, 2010 Joe Paprocki 0

Last week, a catechist from Puerto Rico, Nancy, asked for some help with regards to info about tuition and fees charged for parish religious education programs. Your response was very generous and helpful. Thanks from me and here’s thanks from Nancy! Thanks to all of you!!!  You have been a great help!!! Love always – from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico!! Nancy

Thanks for Helping Nancy!

May 27, 2010 Joe Paprocki 2

A couple of days ago, I put up a post asking if folks could help Nancy in Puerto Rico who was asking about fees/tuition charged for parish religious education programs. Your response has been very generous! Here are more comments that came in by way of websupport: Hi Joe – I am a DRE in two parishes at the East End of Long Island which is part of the Diocese of Rockville Centre and I […]

Passport to the Holy Land

March 26, 2010 Joe Paprocki 4

Holy Week is a time in which we figuratively transport ourselves over time and space to the Holy Land to walk with Jesus on the road to Calvary. One Director of Religious Education, Victor Valdez, invites parishioners to walk this journey in a creative and unique way by having the children of the religious education program reconstruct a miniature Holy Land on the Parish Green! The site includes displays of the areas of Nazareth, Bethlehem, […]

Update on Yesterday's Class: Mixed Success

November 3, 2009 Joe Paprocki 0

So things went fairly well last night with my experiment in having the kids make PowerPoint slides to describe who Jesus is. I say fairly well because I was surprised at how poorly some of them are at keyboarding and that slowed the whole process down (they know how to use Powerpoint, but they type slowly!). They behaved well and seemed to like the idea of working on computers in religious education class, but they […]

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