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Many people find God at church on Sunday, but finding God the other six days of the week can be a puzzle., a new Web site from Loyola Press that goes live on March 19, encourages people to interact with others online as they describe where they have found God in their day and where they need to find God in their day.

The new Web site is essentially a way for people to share their reflections with others who have joined this online community. Site visitors are encouraged to type up to 140 characters in one of two boxes—the “Where have you found God today?” box or the “Where do you need to find God today?” box. Under each category, visitors can view all responses to that question, both for today and as far back as they wish to check, as well as respond to entries from other people. Privacy is ensured since no e-mail address is ever shown, though visitors are encouraged to list the cities in which they live.

The central idea behind Other6 can actually be traced to the 16th century, when Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, devised an “examination of consciousness”—a prayerful review of the day intended to help people recognize where they were finding or needing to find God in their lives. “Other6 is an online approach to St. Ignatius’s Daily Examen,” says Paul Campbell, SJ, vice president of mission & identity for Loyola Press. “And just as Ignatius used the cutting-edge technology of his day—Gutenberg’s printing press—to communicate God’s love to people, the best way for us to do that today is through the Internet.”

While Other6 is Jesuit and Catholic in its inspiration, it pushes no particular agenda. It is intended for anyone who seeks God with a sincere heart and who is willing to share his or her prayers with others. In keeping with its mission of meeting people wherever they are, Other6 is also available as an app for the iPhone as well as for the Android.

For additional information about Other6, please contact Paul Campbell at or at 773-281-1818, ext. 314.

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Joe Paprocki, DMin, is National Consultant for Faith Formation at Loyola Press, where, in addition to his traveling/speaking responsibilities, he works on the development team for faith formation curriculum resources including Finding God: Our Response to God’s Gifts and God’s Gift: Reconciliation and Eucharist. Joe has more than 35 years of experience in ministry and has presented keynotes, presentations, and workshops in more than 100 dioceses in North America. Joe is a frequent presenter at national conferences including the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, the Mid-Atlantic Congress, and the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership. He is the author of numerous books, including the best seller The Catechist’s Toolbox, A Church on the Move, Under the Influence of Jesus, and Called to Be Catholic—a bilingual, foundational supplemental program that helps young people know their faith and grow in their relationship with God. Joe is also the series editor for the Effective Catechetical Leader and blogs about his experiences in faith formation at

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  1. Unrelated, but I just made an unusually bad score on the April/May Catholic IQ quiz. How bad was it? Let’s just say it was a great learning opportunity.

    And I got the bonus question.

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