Kids Say and Do the Darndest Things – Stories on the Journey

Great story from Marilyn:

Last year at the Grandparents Mass, I volunteered to be “grandma” for one of the kindergartners whose grandmother couldn’t be there. During the Mass I was impressed at how well she participated during the Mass with here responses and with the prayers and singing. Then when the bells rang out before Concecration she looked up at me all excited and whispered “listen, a miracle is going to happen”. No wonder Jesus says, “let the little children come unto me.”

You can find more great stories like Marilyn’s and share your own story about things that one of your students (child or adult) said or did that made you crack up, smile, or just blew your mind, right here on my blog as we spend the summer sharing Stories on the Journey. Share a brief story here on my blog (by typing in the LEAVE A COMMENT box at the end of my post).

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This week’s topic is: Kids (and adults) Say/Do the Darndest Things – Read and/or share stories about unforgettable moments in catechesis by clicking here.

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  1. As my son is approaching altar server age, I have been talking to him about participating in the Mass as an altar server. My children (son – 7, daughter – 5) were having a conversation before mass the other week. My son said to my daughter “Do you want to be an altar server when you’re older?” and she replied “Nah…I want to be an artist!” 🙂

  2. As Communion time approaches, we practice the correct way to receive the Eucharist with unconsecrated hosts so the students know what to expect on their big day. After one of the Masses this year, one little boy came up to me all perturbed. I asked him what the matter was as it was a particularly beautiful ceremony and Mass. He looked me straight in the eye and said,” Boy am I disappointed! I thought Jesus would taste much better! He tastes just like the regular hosts we tried!” I couldn’t help smiling at the belief that all our students have.

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