Five Christmas Activities for Your Class

Christmas angel

Although many of us take a break from classes during Christmastime, if you’re looking for some activities to celebrate Christmas and Epiphany, here are a few ideas. These are courtesy the Finding God Activity Finder.

  1. Hope for the World
    Young people will reflect on the human condition and how Jesus’ birth brought hope to the world.
  2. Shepherds with Candy-Cane Crooks
    Children will be able to identify the shepherds as the first people to welcome Jesus.
  3. A Message from the Angels Magnet
    Children will learn the angels’ message to the shepherds.
  4. United in Peace
    Children will explore the ways in which we can share Jesus’ presence with others.
  5. Following the Star
    Children reflect on the Three Wise Men and what it took to follow the star.

If you have a favorite Christmas activity to do with your class, tell us about it in the comments.

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