Faith Refreshed - text over photo of water droplets by lemonade glass by Charlotte May on Pexels
Online Retreat for Catechists

Join Me for an Online Retreat: Faith Refreshed

When surfing the Internet, we may occasionally find ourselves on a webpage that is moving slowly or has frozen. In such cases, it can help to hit the refresh button. Refreshing the page basically tells the browser to go back to the server and see if there is anything new, thus reloading or updating the page. Often, after refreshing a webpage, we find ourselves delighted to see something that wasn’t there before. These are like […]

8 Steps to Energize Your Faith video series
Spiritual Growth

8 Steps to Energize Your Faith, Step Eight: Be Still

God knew the importance of taking a rest after six days of hard work creating the cosmos! We can participate in the divine life and tap into divine energy by observing the Third Commandment that insists we take a day off from work to remind ourselves that we are human beings, not human doings. As we conclude our reflections on the steps from my book, 8 Steps to Energize Your Faith, I invite you to […]

Living the Mass the Other Six Days of the Week
Liturgy and Sacraments

Living the Mass the Other Six Days of the Week: The Eucharistic Prayer

We continue to journey through the National Eucharistic Revival and reflect on the parts of the Mass and what each part is calling us to do and be the other six days of the week. Our inspiration is my book, Living the Mass: How One Hour a Week Can Change Your Life, co-authored by Fr. Dominic Grassi. In this episode, we look at the Eucharistic Prayer and reflect on how it helps us to begin the work of […]

Parts of the Mass Word Puzzles - crossword puzzle and word search
Liturgy and Sacraments

Parts of the Mass Word Puzzles

Practice vocabulary related to the Catholic Mass with a crossword puzzle and word search. The word search includes words related to the Order of the Mass, and the crossword puzzle invites exploration of what we see and what is happening when we go to Mass. The puzzles are available as printable worksheets and as online games. Use them in sacramental preparation classes or as a review in faith formation sessions across grade levels. Explore more […]

Jubilee 2025 Pilgrims of Hope logo - four figures embracing the cross, which turns into an anchor over the waves at the bottom
Catechetical Issues & Topics

Preparing for the Jubilee Year of 2025: Getting to Know the Four Constitutions of Vatican II

With each passing day, we are inching closer to the celebration of a Jubilee Year in 2025, with the theme of “Pilgrims of Hope.” As I have mentioned here previously, in preparation for the Jubilee Year, Pope Francis is asking Catholics to prepare by dedicating time in the following manner: 2023: Study the documents of the Second Vatican Council. 2024: Focus on prayer. To assist with a study of the documents of the Second Vatican […]



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