Summer Reading for Catechists

Summer is a good time for catechists to get some spiritual enrichment from reading. More often than not, however, catechists I speak to are not sure of where and how they can locate Catholic publishers to explore their reading materials. I recommend the following resource: the Member Directory of The Catholic Book Publishers Association ( From their Web page, you can identify various Catholic publishers and then follow the links to the publishers’ own Web […]

My Best Teachers Were Saints

I came across a good book for catechists and for teachers of any kind. The book is My Best Teachers Were Saints: What Every Educator Can Learn from the Heroes of the Church. Susan Swetnam does a fine job of showing how the saints can serve as a source of wisdom and empowerment for any teacher. In all, she identifies 52 role models – one for each week of the year – who provide insight […]

Responding to the Jesus Tomb

So how do we respond to a student who asks, “I heard that they found the tomb of Jesus [link to news story no longer available] and his family…could that be true?” I believe there is only one way to answer: “No…it’s impossible because Jesus is Risen! You and I both have enountered him and he’s very much alive!” Our faith is grounded in the Resurrection of Jesus, not just as an historical event, but as […]

Movie Clips for Your Classes

News from Terrie Wepner at the Jegen Center for Catechetical Media & Research in Chicago: Youth Specialties recommended for short clips of inspirational movies to use in lessons.  You can subscribe for free or pay $12/month for better quality clips and tech support.  They also offer a theme index that looks helpful. 

Online Resources for Catechists

Be sure to check out a couple of very helpful online resources for catechists: Doreen Gerczak is a religion coordinator and instructor for grades 6, 7, and 8 at St. Edward’s Catholic Community in Spring, Texas. She invites catechists to her site “Catholic Catechist” – ( – dedicated to providing Catholic resources, lesson plans and classroom ideas to catechists worldwide. She also has a discussion group. Gilles Côté, located in Canada, taught grades 7 through 12 for […]

What I'm Reading

Now that I’m getting the hang of how to do this blog, I’ve finally updated my list of books that I’m reading. Take a look at the links in the right column of my home page (scroll down). I especially recommend My Life with the Saints for catechists, especially those teaching the saints in their classes. What books do you recommend for spiritual growth for catechists?

Websites for Catechists

We live in a new age, don’t we? There is so much available to us on the Internet that we, as catechists, can take advantage of. I’ve provided a list of links to a lot of my favorite Catholic Web sites in the right hand column of my blog’s homepage. I hope you get a chance to peruse some of them to see how they can be of help to you in your catechesis. Of course, most […]

Lifelong Learning: the "Charism" of Catechists

This is a recent comment I left on Catechist Connection (which has re-opened), concerning catechist formation: I’m a big advocate of catechist formation. I think catechists should be models of lifelong learning. If catechists were like a religious community, I think that lifelong learning about the Catholic faith would be our “charism.” This learning can happen whenever possible, however possible: workshops, seminars, courses of study, online learning, reading, videos, and so on. No one size […]

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