Advent Webinar Recording is NOW AVAILABLE!

For those of you who missed it live, the recording of my Advent Webinar is now available for your convenience! You can watch this on your own or get together with a group of catechists/DREs for viewing. Enjoy!

Advent Webinar Coming Soon!

It’s hard to believe that we have only 3 Sundays left in the current Church year! Advent begins on November 29! With that in mind, don’t miss my (free) Advent Webinar on Wednesday, November 18. And if you do miss it, it will be recorded and made available the week following right here on my blog. Have a great weekend! Facilitator: Joe Paprocki, DMin Brought to you by Loyola Press, A Jesuit Ministry Wednesday, November […]

Advent: Who’s Coming?

As we began class on Monday, I pointed to the prayer center and asked, “Does anyone notice anything different?” After a short pause, one of the girls pointed to the purple cloth and said, “There’s purple for Advent.” I complimented her on being so observant and then asked, “So, what does the word Advent mean?” No one knew (or at least no one volunteered an answer!). Then, I gave an example. Our aide, Ben, had […]

Advent Hope

Tonight is an opportunity to spend some time with the young people focusing on the notion of HOPE as we proceed through this first week of Advent. I picked up a few copies of the daily newspapers and will distribute sections to each of the young people, asking them to find a “bad news” story and to tear it out and prepare to describe it to the group. We’ll collect these stories on the table […]

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