Thanks for Participating in the “Teaching During a Year of Faith” Webinar!

Thanks so much for participating in this evening’s Webinar, “Teaching During a Year of Faith!” A recording of the Webinar will be available here on this blog within about a week. If you wish to receive a certificate toward your catechist certification, email your first and last name with your full mailing address to As promised, here are some resources I referred to during the Webinar that you can download (PDF format) for free! Classroom […]

Resources for Leading Guided Reflections/Meditations

One of my favorite topics to do presentations on is leading guided reflections (meditations). Inevitably, I get many questions about resources available for leading guided reflections. Permit me to share a few resources. I’m familiar with the first five. I have not yet personally had a chance to review the remaining resource. I invite anyone who has used these resources to offer their comments and critiques. Guided Reflections for Children, Vol. I: Praying with Scripture (Loyola […]

A Sample Guided Reflection

In tonight’s Webinar presentation, I offered tips for leading guided reflections. I promised to post a sample on my blog for your convenience. This is taken from the Finding God program which includes scripts for guided reflections in each unit. Another good resource for guided reflections is Guided Reflections for Children, Volumes 1 and 2 (Loyola Press). Called to Holiness – (Time: approximately 10 minutes)   We all have imagination. Imagination allows us to go places […]