Greetings from Cleveland!

Greetings from the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership (NCCL) conference in Cleveland, OH! I’ve had a wonderful several days here meeting and chattting with so many wonderful catechetical ministers from all over the country. I had the privilege of doing a new product showcase for Loyola Press on Monday, helping LP to host a Diocesan Directors Luncheon on Tuesday, and presenting a breakout session today. In between, I had a chance to take in a […]

What’s Up with the Cup?

There seems to be what I consider to be a disturbing, albeit minor, trend of  dioceses  eliminating receiving from the Cup during Holy Communion. First, the Diocese of Phoenix and now the Diocese of Madison. This is an important issue for catechists to stay on top of. For the past quarter of a century or so, many of us have been working very hard to encourage people to receive Holy Communion under both species. Now, we’re […]

“I Owe it All To…” – Stories on the Journey

Becky shared the following about her mentor: For me, my colleague and mentor, Charles Jumonville, from the Diocese of Baton Rouge is who I “owe it all to.” Charles sought me, when I was 24 years old, to come and work for the diocese. My initial reaction was “you have to be kidding!” After much thought and prayer, I finally said “yes.” His invitation changed the direction of my professional life. St. Ignatius suggests us […]

More More Great Stories on the Journey – How Did I Get Into This?

Look at what the following catechists are saying about their calling: Tim:  “It seems to be in my blood to teach of our faith, and I have enjoyed every step of the way. With each class it seems to reaffirm my love for teaching!” Edith:  “I am glad the Lord has called me to this ministry in serving Him in his children. May His name be praised.” Carol: “What better way to embrace the faith […]